Oldhammer – Wood Elf Fighters

Citadel Wood Elf Fighters from the 80’s.

I’m deeply fond of Oldhammer. Basically it was the old lead that brought me back to this hobby over a decade ago. Ever since I’ve painted a miniature or two that has a tag “GW 198-something”, every now and then to say the least.

Well, lately I’ve been working on with one of my everlasting Warhammer Fantasy Battle army projects for which I’ve been slowly gathering miniatures from here and there – Wood elves of the 80’s that is. I’ve also got a large collection of dwarfs as well as orcs and goblins from that same era, which I’d also want to finish at some point (2030?).

For the wood elf army I’ve so far collected Skarloc’s wood elf archers (24 of them or something), a fist-ful of wardancers (could use more) and a fighter unit of ten elves, not to mention the classic Elf Attack Chariot. What I’d like to add in the collection is some elf cavalry, but had no chance to get any of them yet…

I decided to start the painting task from the fighter unit, which you can see ready painted above. Since I’m aiming to play a game of 3rd or 4th edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle with these, of course I went and put them on square bases.

The theme of the army varies between units. The bonding will happen with the style and palette I’m using. For example the fighters are a random bunch of elves with different sort of weapons (axes, swords, spears etc.), so I thought of giving them somewhat mismatching uniforms. There are some small details that help to bind them together though, like red-white checkers patterns on their hoods and red-white trims on their chainmails, for example. Worn green will of course eventually work as a general colour to bind the whole force together.

Now that I’m done with the figthers (for now) I’ve thought of painting the attack chariot next. It’s a miniature that I’ve always wanted to have and paint but for some reason always postponed to buying (eBay prices can be wild…). It will be the next miniature for my small army and the one to roam the woods of the Old World with its deadly wheel scythes!


10 thoughts on “Oldhammer – Wood Elf Fighters

  1. Fantastic! This is the era I grew up, and was introduced to the hobby with. The new GW stuff is great, but there’s something classically-fantasy about these old minis. Looking forward to more!

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  2. You did a great job on these minatures. I can’t clearly explain why I like them, possibly this mix of dirt and nice details… again, great job!

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