Invitational III: Part 3

The cavalcade of grim Space Hulk extravaganza never ends!. Another batch of extraordinary entries shedding their dark light to the deepest corners of The Primogenitor. Take a long look at these fantastic pieces, enjoy their immersive backrounds and have a great (,especially hobby)weekend.


Title: Shatra Quin
Artist: Lucas aka
Shatra Quin – Astropath
Once in service of the noble Rouge Trader Dynasty Var Antel, the Vessel she was deployed on got dragged into the hull of the Primogenitor. As the crews lone survivor, Shatra Quin is hiding, fighting an clinging on to her live while she tries to make her way to the outer hull to get a message through. A message of great importance to whole Empire o Men. Maybe the whole Galaxy. But what chances does a mere human soul stand against the ruinous powers of the warp.  



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