+ Cult of the Brier Moon +

Voodoo Forest © John Blanche & Hollow Press MMXXII


Grene mon in the mone stond and strit;
On his botforke his burthen he bereth.
It is muche wonder that he na doun slyt;
For doute leste he valle he shoddreth ant shereth.
When the forst freseth muche chele he byd.
The thornes beth kene, his hattren to tereth.
Nis no wyght in the world that wot wen he syt,
Ne bote it be the hegge, whet wedes he wereth.
Whider trowe this mon ha the wey take?
He hath set his o fot his other toforen,
For non highte that he hath ne syght me hym ner shake;
He is the sloweste mon that euer wes yboren.

(Green Man in the Moon, Old Terran Poem, M2)


Brier Moons! Brier Moons! Bring out the loons!


The Prigorian Divide is witnessing a surge in devotions to the Green Man!

One of the most prolific devotions is the Cult of the Brier Moon. Its influence in the region has been steadily increasing and there are now Brier Moon cults in the larger hive cities, as well as countless small mining towns and mineral processing plants, especially in the northern reaches of the divide where the fading light of neighboring Halo Stars is particularly dim.

Cult of the Brier Moon

The main religious symbol of the cult – the eight-pointed circle – is seen throughout the divide. It comes in many variations, some with an elaborate face of the Green Man inside the circle. It resembles a thorny moon and symbolizes the Green Seat of the Emperor Reborn; the cult is convinced that the time is neigh for the Emperor to be reborn as the Green Man and that he will be seated on a green throne surrounded by his eight viridic apostles known among the cult as the Thornes.

Cult of the Brier Moon and its shepherds…

In some areas of the divide, the cult is openly practicing its devotion where the eight-pointed Brier Moon is seen together with the symbol of the Imperial eagle – sometimes even in combinations – showing how far reaching and openly accepted the cult has become in Prigorian culture.


The Cult of the Brier Moon is my second, most prolific, Green Man cult, which I have been developing for the new version of my Crataegus Legion – a version which explores what it means to be human in the Imperial frontier, where the only guiding light is your faith…

The poem is the old poem Man in the Moon in its original Old English version – with a slight twist to turn it into a Prigorian version!

Apparently, the symbol of the Brier Moon – the eight-pointed circle – is everywhere in Games Workshop material, which makes it very easy to expand this cult into a much grander force…it is as if Games Workshop knew all along that this cult was coming!

They have been preparing too…

Green Man Cometh!



On a pilgrimage into the weathered worlds of Warhammer 40K. Exploring texture, narrative and atmosphere in miniature form.

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