The Invitational Cometh!


The very idea of the Iron Sleet is to be a celebration of the fantastic Games Workshop hobby. Taking what the great company makes and making the most out of it, pushing to new directions and in turn inspiring the company itself.

With your help we are about to throw one gothic party!! We are humbled by the quality and quantity of great entires we have received, we will begin sharing them tomorrow, with a ground braking personal triumph from our friend Toni. One artist and project per day to give each the attention that they most definitely deserve. In the mix we have prototype models of new armies, one off studies of esoteric things, new typologies, old archetypes and of course, some floating skulls! Slayer winners, future greats, Art Directors, Designers, Architects and everything in between.

If you are yet to send in your entry – and we do welcome EVERYONE’s and want to showcase them, please hurry and provide a brief write up of what you’ve made and why. And please do spread the word in the forums and blogs of the hobby universe!

Mikko, Kari & Migs


One thought on “The Invitational Cometh!

  1. What’s so striking to me is apart from the sheer quality ( very humbling ) is the different techniques and paint solutions …..

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