Terra Imperatvs – Invitational

Ever since I found the 2nd. Edition WH 40k rulebooks and learned about the Emperor of Man I have been most fascinated about the early history of Terra. Thunder Warriors that fought in the unification wars have always been shrouded in mystery and there’s very little information about them available.

When we came up with the idea of this INVITATIONAL I realized that this was the perfect opportunity to study this subject in a form of three models.


I chose three very different characters. First came the Thunder Warrior, Proto Astartes The pride of Imperium, Living Weapon. Huge Warrior-god created for a single purpose only – To crush the enemies of the Emperor. After that came Techno Barbarian from Terra, fierce low-tech tribesman. Lastly this weird device from the times long forgotten. Seeing most of the other entrys I realized that I was the only one that actually created three models that do not form a group but instead are actually picked from the opposing forces! The Thunder Warrior and the weird Tech-Device represent the Imperial forces while the Techno Barbarian is a renegade tribesman from some ancient Terran tribe.
With this selection of models I wanted to demostrate you just why I think the imperium won in the end.
The Proto Astartes were not only bigger, stronger and better eqquiped but they were also fiercer, cunning and more disciplined!


Based on a Putrid Blight King body. With carefully extended legs and body this model is a true giant standing over 50mm tall! That Ork shoota was perfect fit also!


Simple conversion using Renegade body mixed with various other parts. My favorite part is the long flak jacket that is custom sculpted;)




Dirt & sleet – baking powder mixed with superglue, very pleased about how it came out. cold and miserable, just like the winters here in Finland!


30 thoughts on “Terra Imperatvs – Invitational

  1. This is the group I was most interested in seeing out of the whole invitational. The Thunder Warrior is just insanely good. The scale of the figure and the paint is incredible – if you have any WIP photos of the build and the leg extensions, I’d love to see them. The one detail that is so often overlooked, but is perfectly done on all three of these figures is the bases – just superb realism – I’d love to see a how-to on the basing technique.


    1. Cheers Odie! Im pretty sure I posted one WIP shot about tve extensions before;) I used to suck making bases big time. Fortunately Migs and Kari are so darn good making theirs, so they have pushed me further during the years;)


  2. I can see I’m going to run out of superlatives long before this Invitational is over. It’s difficult to pick out what I like most about these three. The sculpting is inspired but, like the previous entry, it’s the painting that’s blown me away. The weathering on that gorgeous blue armour and those bases are incredible.


  3. Brutal, thuggish, powerful!
    Thunder Warrior is just – wow…
    Extraordinary conversion from the Blight Kings – simply stunning.

    This Invitational has raised the modelling bar so high…

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  4. This is a stunner, isn’t it. Fantastic subject matter and execution and it would be amazing to see you explore the concept even a little further, if not a to a full army 🙂

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  5. The Thunder Warrior is great, I said it before but I love his standard, such a simple idea that works really well, I could imagine similar standards popping up in 30k armies. Very nice shade of blue too.

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    1. Thanks! Bases are very important, I used to suck making those pretty bad but fortunately getting hang of it slowly;) your entry was so cool Toni!


  6. Cheers! I was very afraid to paint that blue armour first, because I had some issues with that particular colour, but decided to go with it anyway, feels good to hear such positive feedback about it now:)


  7. Amazing! I think these guys take the crown from the red corsair as my all time favourite spiky rat creation. So much character and almost inventing a new genre as pre-30k. Thanks for sharing! 🙂


  8. Amazing ! I really like the big guy but my favorite is the tech-low barbarian. Why? Maybe because it demonstrates that, like in cooking, the simplest is often the hardest. The flag jacket is stellar!! It takes me back immediately to Squats era. So perfect tribute to the history part you were inspired by. Very inspiring work. The bases look so natural that it is hard to believe that they aren´t real. Impressive work !!


  9. punchy strong – commanding — fierce.. there is such a arrogance to his face .. i cant help but feel a little sorry for him.. all that hard work putting terrans down only to be downed himself by the Astartes.. The floating machine is so esoteric and hints at a wider deeper terran world.. the photography pulling it all together.. it will be a while before anyone else stamps such vigour on pre 40k imagery..

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  10. All three of the models look excellent! The drab, muted colors really bring the models to life. The Thunder Warrior’s dusty powder blue armor is really the star of the show. This coupled with the dirty white and the dark maroon red really makes for a moody, expressive model.


  11. It is great to see these models finished! They were some of the models in this Invitational that I was most looking forward to seeing completed. They certainly do not disappoint! I love what you have done with the blue of the Thunder Warrior’s and the gold on the Thunder Warrior’s banner and the floating tech-device. The extensive weathering on the models looks really nice too and adds to the grim and claustrophobic nature of the Unification Wars on Terra.

    Impressive stuff! I hope you will consider making more models exploring the same theme!


  12. Yes, please do more of these Mikko. The Thunder Warrior is brilliant! A small warband of those would be incredible.

    I love the dark and realistic colourtones, which are very difficult to master like you do. Excellent blue – and weathering.

    The gritty snowbases are spot-on. Beautiful attention to detail that brings them to life. The ice on the Thunder Warrior for instance. I would love a rundown on those at some point 🙂


  13. Love the cold and dirty palette, the models look like they are absolutely of the world their bases suggest they are from. I know it has been said here a lot already, but the Proto Astartes is just one of the best ideas for a model I have seen for a long time.


  14. Just stumbled across this and just have to say how awesome this model is! Do you mind me asking what kit the head is from?


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