Eldar Terratory – Invitational

From Jakob Rune Nielsen, double Slayer Sword and a Crystal Brush winner an entire army of Eldar in the works and a base tutorial to go. We are hoping to feature the Army as it is being built.


My goal for this fantastic journey was to delve into building an eldar army. I am totally new to the eldar, so to get something in there that I knew before I decided that the bases would be a variation of the warm yellowy bases I have done the past few years. However, since this is the start of an army, my INVITATIONAL project can be seen as prototypes for the style and techniques to use for the rest of the army. Therefore I have tried to cut as many corners as possible – to optimize processes and cut away unnecessary steps.


The overall colours was chosen easily: White, red, black, and golden cobber for details and juvelry.

But how use those colour on the troopers were harder than I thought it would be. I also wanted to try shimmering inks – could this work for the eldar as a special feature in the colour scheme? In the end I abbandoned it, but there are a few places where some angles will show the experiment on the finished models.


For the bases I have worked from the basics of my yellowy theme used on imperial models over the past years, but adapting the details to the alien race of the Eldar. Therefore I am doing a more plain theme of rocks and sand. Plain and simple with no references to the imperium of mankind.

The current process for painting the bases goes like this:

– VMC Green Ochre thinned for the sand areas. Coat d’Arms Horse Tone Roan (222) for the rocks.

– A wash of W&N matt varnish with a bit of water some MIG pigment of African earth and some Gulf War Sand.

– Drybrush of Bone on the whole areas, followed by careful edge highlights using white on the rocks.

– Finally, when the models are done I brush on some more MIG pigments to blend the model into the base.


Apart from the 4 models show here, I have had a good start on a Vyper and have 3 Dire avengers almost done. From here I will finished the Wraithguard unit, and then there will be some thoughts put into trasportation (Falcon, Wave Serpent) and a Farseer obviously. And I could not resist getting a Death Jester. That last one might actually be the next models I start prepping up for painting…

Finally, for the future I wish for gaming time with the Iron Sleet crew. Thanks for inviting me along on this journey and see you in the future.


f1 f2 f3


15 thoughts on “Eldar Terratory – Invitational

  1. wonderful stuff jakob and residing at the opposite end of the universe to mi techniques – such control and mastery i could never do this …..


  2. Lovely work Jakob. Great choice of colours and the crisp paintjob makes the models soar.

    The bases almost steals the show though – they are just amazing. Thanks for the quick tutorial!


  3. Beautiful and clean, just like Eldar should be.

    I like how from a distance the bulk of their armour looks white, and yet closer it’s a very subtle off white/grey, it’s a clever example of colour suggestion pulled off well.


  4. Great looking models and awesome idea for the Invitational. The color scheme you have chosen looks really sharp! The contrasting colors work beautiful together and should allow for a really cool looking army. I really like the dark blue/black armor seen of the Dire Avengers .

    The bases are also really great looking. Thanks for the run down on how you paint them. I need to try my hand at some of those MIG pigments…


  5. A marvelous start to a new army! The red and white is a simple scheme, but very effective. I love that you included one of the old metal war walkers, they are delightful models (the new ones are great too, but it is nice to see the classic stalking about)!


  6. Clean (and dusty), lean and mean – just like JRN-Eldar should look like!

    The bases really stand out and it is good to see the black rims on all of them. The colourscheme is strikingly beautiful. Especially the very intense reds with very little highlights but glazes and shades than really make them stand out!


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