Navigator Household – Invitational

Good day ladies and gentlemen. Another busy work week behind and well deserved weekend ahead. I’m hoping to find some time to paint stuff this time around, but I’m also looking forward to great Invitational entries to be revealed each day.

It looks like we are forced to hasten things up a bit and publish more Invitational entries per day, since there are still so many entries left. This is due to our plan to wrap things up before Sunday and we don’t wish to prolong this event for too long. We still want to share each one of the entries with you and give them the much deserved spotlight, so every entry will get their own well deserved post.

So here is today’s first Invitational, the amazing Navigator Household by Weirdingway. Enjoy!




The group represents 3 generations of my Navigator Household.

First off, on the 60mm base, the Novator Omphalecent of house Merz-Itano, Lebbeus Alcubierre Merz-Itano. Lebbeus has turned his back on the larger community of the Navis Nobilite and led his branch of the family into seclusion and exile.

Proclaiming himself Aether Prophet, Beacon-Scryer, Genetosire, and Supreme Tidal Maester, and withdrawing his progeny from their steersman contracts throughout Imperial space, Lebbeus now seeks to use his unusually potent warp-sight and prescience to guide the course of history in real space just as other Navigators steer ships through the warp.

His ultimate goals are unclear, and some say he has been driven mad by the advanced state of his mutation, a result of controlled recursive inbreeding and (alleged) forbidden gene-hacking (and some would go so far as to allege warp-taint) that has caused his already prodigious brain and head to grow beyond even typical monstrous Merz-Itano proportions, forcing him to rely on his walking life support throne.


Second, on the 40mm base, Cousin Otam (aka Aethertwister Otam Junet Merz-Itano), wearing her customized heirloom Exosuit. Originally meant for EVAs in harsh environments and the open void, this priceless piece of refurbished archeotechnology now serves as combat armor. As her family musters for war, Otam has discovered her gift allows her to not only see into the warp, but to reach into it with her mind and twist it to her will.


Finally, on the oval 90x120mm base, Grandmother Mori (aka Viscountess Mori Fosscobb Merz-Itano). She has traded in her flight-couch for the impact-gel filled sarcopho-chamber of a treasured family heirloom, one of the few remaining Voidrunner pattern Knights. Mechano-archivists believe they were originally ad hoc creations from the Age of the Strife; open-void shipyard construction exosuits that were converted to fight in open space, walking the hulls of frigates and acting as mobile point defense units to deter boarding actions and fighter craft, as well as using their powerful rocket thrusters to leap from ship to ship, gliding beneath void-shields and tearing open enemy hulls.



17 thoughts on “Navigator Household – Invitational

  1. Weirdingways navigator household is one of the most brilliant modelling projects to ever grace the internets. I never tire of looking at them and these three are the top of the litter.

    Hats off for you, Sir.


  2. Reading Krautscientists 2014 summaries on his blog I discovered Weirdingway and what quite simply must be considered an instant classic and icon – Lebbeus. It was the sheer craziness of this model and the Invitational that actually got me interested in the INQ28 / Blanchitsu format.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I am beyond impressed with all of these models (and the rest of your growing navigator household)! Your vision and modelling prowess is marvelous.

    My favorite of this group is Grandmother Mori and her Voidrunner pattern Knight. The build on the model is so well done and detail oriented that it looks like you clipped it off of a sprue! I love the left arm of the Knight, it looks just like something you would see on a submarine or spacecraft.


  4. One of the most personal and highly personal 40K forces I can remember. An incredible overload of creativity. Thank you for sharing this!

    I really like Cousin Otam (as well as her fellow Exo-Suits) and the paint job does wonders on her.

    Just saw your entire (so far) Household over in the bunker. Amazing…


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