Deus Ex Machina

Here they come!! 



13 thoughts on “Deus Ex Machina

  1. On the way yes but that’s a very early leek – 2d photgraphs not doing justice – visions June has glorious conversions and should not be missed ……..

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  2. I’m kinda feeling all the right boxes has been ticked in my book. This supplied with the new knights makes the rest of 2015 easy – I know what I’m bringing for Norway’s National miniature wargaming tournament in January 2016!

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  3. Yes! I have been totally preoccupied since the end of invitational, but thanks to this I might just start making models this weekend!


  4. All looks very good, but I’m already annoyed that my Knight codex will be obsolete/incomplete so quickly… looks like it’ll be the same story with AdMech, (and I went for the superdooper ltd ed ‘dex as well!). Slightly miffed, but they are very good looking releases :-/


  5. Amazing stuff! Can’t wait to see clearer photos, especially of the Dominus. I love all off the new stuff, and am now rethinking so many plans for future conversions. The robots would fit right in with my exo-suits (but that may be too obvious). And the tracked units will be so useful in so many different ways … one thing about an entirely new army like this is I am exited both by all the new amazing models and bits, but also by the new army list entries I can build counts-as models to represent.


    1. Totally! I am so excited about building some Martian treasures modified in the depths of the huge manufacturiums of Fenrys and figuring out what count as what. Even more excited about hopefully getting a game though.


    1. I love them. Kudos for GW to staying true to Rogue Treader inspirations and doing something controversial AND different from Forge World, who’ve done a stellar job with their aesthetic and offer a great alternative model 🙂


      1. Really? Very interesting, they seem to be getting a lot of negative reactions, from what I’ve read so far. Well, for critics there is always the possibility to go Forge World.

        Now with access to better pics, I still can’t get used to the head. With models this bad (to my taste), I am always tempted to buy them, and try to convert them into something awesome.



      2. A simple head swap will completely transform the model and the rest is really good. 🙂 I still like him. It’s the Priests that are the disappointment in otherwise impeccable range.


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