The First & The Last

“I am the Alpha and Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.”

– Son of God

“I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my lord”

– The Night

“We the reins to slaughter give,
Ours to kill, and ours to spare:
Spite of danger he shall live.”
– Extract of the poem, Iron Sleet, Scrivener Gray, Ancient Terra
Daylight / First & Last










33 thoughts on “The First & The Last

  1. I like these a lot. Like Thistle says they’re very subtle, it took me a few minutes of looking through the pictures before I really “got” them, but the more I saw the more there was to see. In that respect you’ve really captured the spirit of the 20th Legion – great work.
    The woman definitely stands out, she’s the only one that doesn’t seem restrained and occluded (bar the Legionary himself of course). In many ways she reminds me of the character Xalmagundi from The Serpent Beneath – was this a conscious reference?

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      1. Now that would be really interesting to see, and would tell a bit more of the story of who these girls are and why the Alpha Legion have them around.

        As for Xalmagundi she’s essentially a powerful, untrained psyker that the Legion uses as a weapon. It’s one of the better Alpha Legion stories in the Horus Heresy series (in my opinion) because we get to see them in their elements with lots of twisting plots and counterplots, smoke-and-mirrors, rather than just having them spring out of the shadows wearing false moustaches and shouting ‘surprise’ as per some of the other stories.


      2. Thanks. Which book and story? I’ve only stuck with Legion and Abnett’s stuff as so much of the Heresy books is so hit and miss. Some truly terrible.

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      3. The Serpent Beneath by Rob Sanders. It was in the Primarchs anthology but now you can get it as an ebook on its own.

        Aye, the Heresy series has some serious ups and downs, there’s some fantastic novels in there but there’s some really duff ones as well. The portrayal of the Alpha Legion in Deliverance Lost in particular had me gnashing my teeth but Serpent Beneath is a good one and much closer to how I imagine them to be.


  2. Migs, as usual, your renditions of this art form are gorgeous, really liking the grey blue tinge to everything.

    It’s been a while since we saw a female character of yours but wow – whoever and whatever she is – psyker, daemonhost, mad old Wytch – she is fantastic!

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    1. Thanks Odie. Hands down my own favorite. I feel like finally the different learnings have come together and this group is my art in complete calm and flow.


  3. The entire group is fantastic, the subtle colours really tie them all together, and each model has little details that make me just want to stare at them to make sure I take it all in. The XXth legion have always had a special place in my heart, and your rendition really hit the spot on my mind.

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  4. Superb group, the new additions fits perfectly. I like how you have gone away from the paradigm of picking out every detail in another colour, like the armoured plates on the flamers gloves or the shoulder pad of the Marine.

    Lovely skin on the witch also. What model is that btw?

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  5. Looking good, the amount of hoods in the group add a real sense of menace! I’m not sure of the lady’s place in the group but she comes across as a big presence. It’s cool to see another take on that mysterious model 🙂

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  6. Hell yeah! The big picture gets bigger. And the fact that I can’t identify the models you have (or haven’t) used as base for the pieces amplifies the experience. Thank you for sharing these with us!

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  7. With such a cool group of narrators the story of the Pilgrym will be blowing up our bloody brains! It’s great how well the dim colours boost the idea of them lurking in the dark corners of the Terra. Seriously I can’t wait to see these in person this Summer. Makes me feel kind of privileged.

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  8. Wonderful! I love the muted palette you’ve used to paint these, but the odd warmer colour here and there to draw the eye! I know it’s not usual to reveal the magic behind the curtain, but how do you work to keep that muted palette, but still draw the eye? Is it a certain bunch of paints you use or…?

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    1. Thanks Elliot. I’m always restrained with the amount of paints (and clutter in general) and this are no exception. Or perhaps even pushing further to my austere utopia. Trick here really is the very little skin visible having a tint of red when nothing else has any, and the few really tight, fine XX freehands where there is very little other detail or spot colors.


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