Imettäjä – Painted

Sister Praeministramme Edhilda Haggebone


Here’s the much waited Imettäjä, Matronnes of the Order Hospitaller, Nurse to the Nobilitae, ready and painted.

I ended up choosing black, red and white colour combo for her as I feel it fits well in my painting style. This combo basically ties this figurine together as the red apron (blood) trims the black body glove (death) and dirty white dress (milk).

I wanted her upper body to be very dark, even latex-like, so that her head would pop out a bit more. Her face is something I’m especially proud of. The attention given for it was enormous, but I think it was very much worth it. Kind of ties her to the painting I’ve made of her, don’t you think?

I came up with the white emblem of the wet-nurses by accident as I was testing different free-hands on the apron. It resembles not only the white drop of milk that has a skull within it but also the head of Imettäjä with that silly long hat. Hopefully it’s not too close to Blood Angels heraldy though…

I’m not that good with fancy words and telling deep stories of backgrounds, so I let you imagine what she tells you instead.


Skulls of deceased pilgryms with written prayers have been put on piles on dusty stairs of the Terran temple.


Dirty canister of milk with bottle caps – the skulls of mothers’.

38 thoughts on “Imettäjä – Painted

  1. “Got milk?”

    She is quite something Kari. A truly inspired miniature – very much the essence of what makes the 40k universe so special.
    Like Monkey I love those blanchean textures on the robe.

    Good show sir. Good show indeed!

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  2. Frickin’ insane skills dude – this is one of the most disturbing minis I have ever seen, and I love it. I have a feeling I may be taking my morning coffee black tomorrow.

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  3. A wonderful model with a fantastic paint job. I really like the black bodyglove;; it adds to how creepy and wizened she looks. The dirty textures you achieved on her robes are stellar, very Blanchian. They really allow the red of her apron stand out, sun bleached and faded. I think the milk drop log is really nice, and like the slight Blood Angel vibe it conveys. The milk jars are quite disgusting too, with that wonderful brown to white gradient. Fantastic work!

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  4. Well executed model; you managed to carry your vision all the way from the concept drawings through to the finished model. There are so many details worth mention, all of which add to the whole. The face is disturbing (your effort paid off), the black latex body suit, the milk jars, the blanchian colour of the robes, the skulls on the ground, the weird floating device she stands on.

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  5. Wow, what a piece of miniature art. So personal, so unique and incredible how much story you got into this miniature, not only the paintjob but the model too.

    So dark and grim.

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  6. Simply superb! If anything, perhaps ( I can’t decide for myself..), her hood should be the same dirty white as her robe to emphasize the symbol on her apron? Again, a stunning model!

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  7. Absolutely amazing! Such incredible painting. I keep coming back to the vials; such a great color.

    And the robes are just beautiful. So much loose texture and controlled detail at the same time, all with such rich shading. I’ve been painting a model with the same robes and now feel like giving up.

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  8. Finally. All of you distilled in a single miniature. Vintage Kari, yet surprising and novel. Such a treat!

    This is going to be an insane group of models and I hope you jump straight in on the big guy as I am sure everyone is really hungry for more. AND it’s nearly April 🙂 Looking at the sketches for the group and the gravity of your vision, I think this is perhaps the ultimate case fo “Humble Human Hencheman’s” importance. A “Normal” person in there between the floating milk maidens, hulking Hammer mountains and armored relics might be that needed anchor to elevate all of the freaks and tie the whole thing together.

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  9. Just when I think I’m half decent…

    I had to comment and say, Imettäjä is fantastic. As is the whole of Iron Sleet! As someone only reading about Inquisitor, I rank Iron Sleet above the AmmoBunker and tied with The Conclave in terms of where I check for Inq54 and Inq28 P&M threads.

    Imettäjä is a disturbingly well-tempered model. The attention to detail, the flawless transition from the Magos lower body… The milk tanks are a personal favorite.

    All of the work posted here is downright amazing. The Pilgrym has sent me into paroxysmal fever dreams; someday I hope to contribute to the world of Inquisitor.

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  10. Thank you all for your kind words! I started working on with the fat guy couple of evenings ago, and the process is well on its way. Hopefully I’m able to share some WIPs during this weekend. Cheersa again!


  11. Wow. That is magnificent. How can something so disgusting be so beautiful? It works on so many levels. I love your style, alongside that of JB. I particularly like the way you incorporate fine hairs into the base, something I would never have thought of, and the blending of colours and tones on the milk bottles is superb.

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