Jeff Vader unleashed

Our friend Johan of Convertorum finally enters Pilgrym in his sublime converting ways. I’m sure you agree it’s been worth the wait!

Johan AKA Jeff Vader here. After a three month foray into Warhammer fantasy territory I can finally start producing miniatures for the Pilgrym project. Something that is both exiting and just a teeny bit daunting considering the stellar work of my peers…Anyway, my plan when it comes to NPCs, is to do a couple of individual lonely pilgrims from different walks of life instead of larger groups.

Characters like the Veteran. The Veteran the sole survivor of an entire stellar legion. The rest of the grand army he belonged to got wiped out in the pandemonium of the mysterious event known as the Fourth Conflux. He carries the weight of two million mens failure on his shoulders in the form of the bones of soldiers from the annihilated regiments. Tired and weary he presses on – his final mission to lay down the remains of his battle brothers at the steps of the imperial palace. He is his late comrades only hope for redemption in the eyes of the Emperor.

As for my dramatis personae the plan is to explore the dreaded Black Ships and the mysterious Ordo Opscuros. I´ve got lot´s of interesting ideas for this but the only character I´ve constructed so far is Interrogator Clavius, Inquisitor Lasaros right hand. A simple conversion of the brilliant Overkill Primus. I really love the original model and there’s already an appropriate “space suit” look to the cultists garb so I didn’t want to mess with him to much.



21 thoughts on “Jeff Vader unleashed

  1. ooooh, man, was I waiting for you guys to collaborate!
    You’ve managed to express the weight of the burden and the determination to get to ‘the dark tower’ so natural in the pose of the survivor. As per spehs-suite are we to expect a glass-visor? Thrilled to see them painted.

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    1. Thanks!
      I was just testing out the hybrid sprues and tried out this head – the rest of the concept came from that combo. It just oozed an air of grim determination.


  2. ‘Unleashed’ is probably a very fitting word. I expect that soon we will stand with our mouths wide open, Terran dust in our eyes, before a sh*tload of incredibly creative models and wonder what just happened…

    Johan just happened.

    These are an excellent start Johan. Love the idea of solitary pilgryms wandering the Imperiumme! And Clavius is a great start on the Black Ship narrative. That box is a must-have it seems!


  3. Looking good JV – I really like the weariness of the vet, and the Interigator looks spot on. Great to see the lovely ‘Stealer Cultist kits start to get put through their paces 🙂

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  4. The Old Pilgrym is brilliant. One of my favorite Pilgrims so far and will look so good in your vintage paint job. I’t great that you still employ dry brushing so much and so expertly, it’s given such recognizable look for your work. (and turquoise of course :))

    I’m curious if the basing could end up somewhat more industrial than the norm? Little hints of human built habitat vs. rocks and dust.


    1. Thanks Migs – and thanks for initialising this crazy project and inviting me for the ride!

      Yep! Drybrushing and washes – thats the way to go in my book!
      I’ll try to make the bases more urban than usual. Going to buy some grey powder and experiment with that.


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