The Order of the Crimson Hour: Painted

Adam Wier to kick off the week with more of his sublime church!

When painting the Sisters of the Order of the Crimson Hour, I wanted to make sure they were easily distinguished from the other members of the Church. So while I made the Chronicler Samael have deep red robes, I wanted to try something different with the Order. I ended up deciding to make their robes a cream color, adding weathering to give them some extra texture and vitality. I could not abandon red entirely, and painted their armor and helmets crimson, fitting their name. Both have additional cloth at their belts, which I painted black and lined with some hourglass iconography, since that is the Church’s symbol. I am quite happy with how they turned out, even if they did take longer to paint than I anticipated!




22 thoughts on “The Order of the Crimson Hour: Painted

    1. Thanks, I am glad to hear you see the Ecclesiarchy in them. For a while I was concerned that they might look too much like Adeptus Mechanicus warriors due to the Red and Skitarii pieces.


  1. exquisite and extremely coherent – the sublime is starting to define this project – it would have been so easy to have tried to outbling each other with this project – in stead the opposite is happening, something which im so wholeheartedly happy about …..

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    1. Thanks for the high praise; especially when it is coming from someone who is so adept at creating cohesive groups of models! I too have been really pleased to see how everyone seems to have been feeding off each others’ creativity, but have not let it hinder their own creative spirit and inclinations.


    1. It took me a little while to decide on the cream color, and honestly, it was fairly tedious to paint in a way that made it look natural. But I think it really did allow some of the dirt and grime to stand out, and contrast with the armor.

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  2. Solid and coherent start! Having this lot done must give you confidence to go a little more bonkers with the next characters.. I just realized I’ve no idea what you’re planning to do next. With the background story and an opening act of this quality I’m just thrilled to see what comes next!

    Mighty good work!


    1. Thanks! We still have a few pretty exciting models we have been planning out, that we can not wait to be able to show everyone, and share their backgrounds. This summer is approaching pretty rapidly though, so finishing everything will be difficult.


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