The Questing Knight Pilgrym

Johan’s first – Vintage Vader of Convertorum – is a stunningly beautiful and old school rendition of a classic Fantasy concept in Dystopian Sci-fi setting. Right down to a drop of turquoise!

“When a head of one if the noble houses of the feudal world Victus IV dies, his children must embark on a pilgrimage to Holy Terra. Their Quest to seek out the chapel of the Lady of Thorns and bring back a vial of her holy blood (in reality rat blood or just about any old blood the relic peddler who manages the shrine comes across). The first one back to the Victus system becomes the new Lord. However, unbeknownst to the Questing Knight, several hundred years have already passed on his home planet due to the fickle warp and his House has long since fallen…”

19 thoughts on “The Questing Knight Pilgrym

    1. Cheers!

      He’s sort of a companion piece to the nightwatch character I did last summer. In the Pilgrym game he’ll only be a NPC, but if I field him on his own in another game the watchman will tag along.


  1. I must concur, the best single miniature I’ve seen in a while just because it really ticks all the boxes for my particular tastes.
    The pose, the mash of fantasy and science, finished off with a solid paint job.


  2. Another Jeff Vader classic indeed – the fusion of medieval and futuristic is pretty much spot on I’d say. Reminds me of the feudal world night-watchman from last year – I wonder if he’d make a fitting acolyte to the last knight of Victus IV?


    1. Hehe…
      Right… Here goes:

      Bretonnian head, ruststalker torso, flagellant legs, left arm: skitarii pointy arm, right arm: stormtrooper/free company splice, ogre shield, dreadknight crux terminatus + greenstuff and plastcard. I think that’s about it…

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  3. Very nice model! Your stuff rocks!!

    The pose is very natural and he looks like he’s really gripping that sword with intent. Love the texture of the armour plating as well.


  4. Stunning! Simply amazing! This is my kind of work!

    The artworks found on thise blessed site is often out there. Wild, crazy and mindboggeling!
    Beautiful pieces each and every one of them but almost too alien for me to have them grounded in the 40 k universe(witch, funny enought, is THE universe for them to exist in! So in many ways, me and my view of them is the one who is alien and they are spot on!)

    This is something i can get my thoughts around. I c
    an almost feel his focus, sense the dust around him and understand the near desperation and stress his under while looking for the temple.

    A great piece wich leaves me with the feeling that i should do something along those lines!


    1. Cheers!

      Interesting point.
      I’d love to do more out there, crazy, high concept stuff modellers like John, Kari and the rest of the Iron Sleeters so expertly do.
      However I often find my strength seems to lie in capturing classic archetypes – and doing those well. I always seem to gravitate to the relatable and easily recognisable – to do the kind of minis that one understands what they’re all about more or less instantly. And even when I do wierd it’s more “Tim Burton-wierd” rather than “David Cronenberg on acid-wierd”…


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