Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros & Psykonaut

This Sunday is a treat for all of us. First we get to see Peter’s amazing Edouard Mrytel and now some more planet blasting bombs from Sweden!

Those of you who are following Iron Sleet on Instagram and Facebook must have noticed Johan‘s newest masterpiece, the jaw-dropping Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros. That’s not all folks! Here’s some more candy for your eyes, the fourth member of Lazaros’ crew, one of the Psykonauts, a highly expendable crewman armed with a las-carbine.

But first, let’s give a proper introduction for the infamous Lazaros, Captain-Inquisitor of the Black-aarke Garm’s Maw…

Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros

“He shall have a great doom upon his brow, he shall be a witch of great power, he shall be altered in the physical form, he shall be able to talk and walk with the animals”
Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros is the master of the Black-aarke Garm’s Maw and one of the Ordo Opscuros most zealous members. Originally a hard line Thorian serving as a daemonhunter in the Ordo Malleus, he’s become more and more radicalised since joining the Ordo Opscuros – a minor ordo monitoring the black ships, notorious for their incarnationist agenda. He is now for all intents and purposes a devout Horusian, plying the stars searching out wytches and psykers that could serve as a Divine Avatar. A vessel powerful enough to contain the Emperor reborn.
Lazaros has served the Inquisition for over 300 years and at this point he’s more machine than man, the few remaining organic body parts are encased in a towering exoskeleton.


Basic crew on the blackships are called Psykonauts. Bred partly using recovered genetic material from psychic nulls, subjected to heavy conditioning and brain surgery, they are unusually resistant to all forms of warpcraft.
– Johan





23 thoughts on “Captain-Inquisitor Lazaros & Psykonaut

    1. Cheers Kristoffer!

      The black aren’t that hard to do. Paint dark grey, wash with nuln oil, drybrush with mechanicus standard grey. Then do highligts by adding white to the mix (but never up to pure white). When it’s all done give it a wash of the new blue glaze and you’re good to go. If you wan’t a duller black leave out the blue wash.

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  1. Woah, Jeff did it again. The Inquisitor is really something. I love the truescale approach. The black armor is an excellent choice and the treatment is just spot on. The psychonaut is also something. Very grim, very dark. I love the bases and how the details and color references tie the coherence of the unit. Congrats Mister J.!¡ You are in another league.

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    1. Cheers! The release of the cultists completely changed my plans for this retinue – they were just perfect for space suits so I decided to base most of my minis on them. Love the Dune-esque look of them.

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  2. These Black Arrkers are turning out to be true master pieces! Fittingly the blacks are incredible…and so very Johan. Simply stunning! Hats off mate.


  3. Brilliant delve into an untapped part of the 40k mythology – I absolutely love these guys, from concept to completion. That black is just gorgeous!


  4. Absolutely stunning, such a crisp conversion, great marriage of components (on all of the above) and such a great colour scheme. Ace work.


  5. That group probably think they are the good guys, but in reality they are not! Just like the inquisitors of real history 🙂

    Stunning work, they really feel so dark and grim.


  6. This is pure awesome and very inspirational. Great job doing that. One thing bothers me though: where did you unearth that awesope piece of body armor for the inquisitor?


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