+ The Branded +

My next chapter,

Huge thanks to John and Tim and the White Dwarf team for the third, trilogy closing Blanchitsu feature. I’ve always thought that when you’ve done something cool, don’t dwell on it, do something better.

These may be a long mission as the imminent arrival of Lord of Winter and War and the just preordered golden and platinum allies of Witch hunting will be on the agenda as soon as I get them… or not, I let the hobby flow organically, concentrating solely on being productive and enjoying it.

So, for a good few weeks I’ve contemplated the “next chapter”. After the Epic Pilgrym, the Vlka seeing regular gaming now and the Curse of Alabaster gang turning into this one month explosion. This would be a good time to start coasting, and the more recent work has settled in to a refined, elegant flow of miniature movie direction that has produced the first sets of work that I’m really happy with.

It is once more a time to be a beginner and throw some learnings out and stumble on new heights or lows.

The Branded

Staring at the wonderful freedom of doing work from a clean slate, doing inquisitors fresh again, as so often it was time to set a few constraints and define the muse. I really want to celebrate the age of Sigmar range and have an opportunity to go nuts with paint. I’m going to try reinvent my style with this retinue. And only use primary colors mixed “wet” both acrylics and oils, go super raw and painterly. I intend to continue exploring the colored metallics I’ve really grown to like with the Alabaster work.

I’m returning big time to the Inquisitor rule book – what a fountain of magic that was 15 years ago and still continues to be. The Witchhunter Codex followed that and took the full Ministerial imagery to previously unseen pain, dogma, impact. I revisit Craig Mullins aka Goodbrush (A pioneering digital artist) who’ve I’ve repeatedly mention over the years and study the similarities in style on Paul Dainton’s achingly beautiful recent Star Wars work.

I will also say that Roman Lappat of Voodoo Monkey has to me become a huge inspiration. I’m at awe with my Iron Sleet brethren and the Pilgrym crew, but really we are amateurs, and most of us proc His passion and bravery and curiosities are in a league of his own. I’ve recently purchased one of Roman’s pieces to show my respect and to study his technique closer.

So could be interesting – timing subject to All Father Russ.

Namaste! and let me introduce you to the first two models and a host of inspiration material.



The Branded – these two started as two separate Inquisitors, but the pull is really strong…




Sometimes it’s the simplest conversions that just click. This was last night mir green stuffing, hence it still looks a little soft and sloppy, while I wait for it to cure to right set to smooth it crisp.



Absolute classic from the Inquisitor Rule Book 



Look at the roughness and capture of light
The brilliant material feel and super limited palette
Dainton does Vader – I absolutely adore the flowing, fast, raw look
and the mood and light and perspective of this one
Brilliant composition, attention, tension, and soooo free flowing…
Roman Lappat – Prince of hell – direction of light and mood
Incredibly beautiful texture and material feel.
And Warhammer meets all previous reference material – loose, bold, novel, gorgeous…

8 thoughts on “+ The Branded +

  1. That’s some awesome work right there! I’ve found myself moving towards a more painterly style in recent times as I try and define my own creations as my own. I just aspire to ever reach anywhere near the level or ingenuity of your creations and your inspirations too. Keep up the great work. . .

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  2. Nice!! Absolutely adore the shotgun inquisitor!

    I’d completely missed Daintons Star Wars stuff… are they for Rogue Squadron? Great stuff!


  3. Oh wow! Some gorgeous pieces of artwork chosen! Particularly spiriting is that painting of the cathedral inside, it is precisely how I envisaged parts of Frankylmoign. ❤


  4. Will be fun seeing how this evolve! I’ve enjoyed the AoS line for a while already and I’m trying to loosen up my palette and brush work for each piece but what you’re going for now will most likely be something I learn from yet again.


  5. Excited to see where you will take miniature painting this time – last times have proved out be pretty darn good.

    As for the new gang, it’s gonna be a fething masterpiece; Eisenhorn meets the XX!


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