+ Baal Dominatus +

+ The Blood Angels +

+++ ‘I have seen what you must see. I have fought what you must fight. I have slain what you must slay’ – Dante, Chapter Master, Blood Angels Chapter of the Adpetus Astartes +++ “Born as the IXth Legion, the early records of the Legion show a noted absence in many of the key conquests […]

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+ Shadow Spear Arrives + XX +

“Vanguard Space Marines are elite reconnaissance troops, trained to operate without support across the deadliest frontiers of the galaxy. Ranging far ahead of the main battle line, they prosecute full-spectrum campaigns of domination against the enemy by sabotaging communications, demolishing supply caches, and draining morale with terror strikes.” + Sounds like Alpha Legion +   […]

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The Untold

The Untold and the three (new) amigos.

Welcome everything – push away nothing. Bring your whole self to it! Find a place of rest in the middle of things. Cultivate don’t know mind.    – Master Ostaseski, Ancient Terran   It’s been a while. A hobby life time of trying and experimenting. A long path towards uncovering the truth. To finally let […]

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The Branded

+ The Branded +

My next chapter, Huge thanks to John and Tim and the White Dwarf team for the third, trilogy closing Blanchitsu feature. I’ve always thought that when you’ve done something cool, don’t dwell on it, do something better. These may be a long mission as the imminent arrival of Lord of Winter and War and the […]

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