My New Desk

Today was truly special.

About three weeks ago I moved into a new apartment, and for a first time in nearly a decade, it was possible to set up a permanent space for the hobby. Not an opulent mancave, but something that suits and supports the look and feel that we’re striving for.

To give some context, my hobby has in the past 14 years I’ve been involved in it, started from my parent’s attic. It then evolved to a lot of plastic boxes that have to be hidden and then redeployed, as detailed in my previous write-up.

Today, finally, my creative pursuit has a home. An environment that is as magical and mysterious as what we’re striving for in miniature form.


A hundred years old edwardian writing desk of solid oak. Fit for an inquisitor.



And last, some new work I’ve managed to get done after the move. The two guys in the front are ready.. The rest still needs work before proper pics.


Most of my hobby gear is still in Finland, where I’ll pick it up from on christmas holiday. So the hobby space will evolve and mutate over time, but it already feels like home!
And a massive productivity boost!


19 thoughts on “My New Desk

    1. Useful and so romantic in a way. It’s a representation of the thought that for a brief moment, that is your whole world. Which is kind of what we’re going for with the hobby I guess.


  1. The right work space is important. I used to work in a room that had no windows, long shifts too, but I made it a great place. It had a sound system set up, posters on the walls and I even put in a little coffee machine haha. Nice one.

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    1. Little coffee machine sounds serious! This one is built for maybe 1-2 hour hobby sessions. Although today I accidentally built and entire blood bowl team..

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      1. I have to decide out how to convert them first.. I figured the easiest way to get a grip would be to assemble the team first, and start looking at what needs to be done.

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  2. Sweet!! The best thing with roll-top and secretary desks is that you can just close the hatch and no need to clean up in between sessions… getting the advantage of those odd 15-30 minutes of rare hobbytime fully. And old oak, that’s some material, they don’t make them now like they used to.

    Enjoy the new desk and hopefully we’ll get to see more of your work! 🙏😊

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  3. I have a desk that *once* looked similar to yours. I got it (at least) third-hand and it had last been used by an art student to make a display vitrine. There are many signs of hard use on it – it’s scratched, stained and broken. The door is not attached and the hinges have been mangled so much it can’t be re-attached.

    My room is also much more cluttered and messy than yours!

    So where you have a desk fit for an Inquisitor, I think have one just about fit for an Underhiver… 😉


  4. It looks like a really great place to work at. I could never be that neat, my hobby space is more like a squigg went rampant and then the tornado swept in 🙂

    Might have to do my own “Studio space blog post” for diversity.

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