Sergeant Effried Halkand

Sergeant Effried Halkand was posted on Terra after the events on the Daylight Wall. He had abandoned his military affiliations two years ago after being recruited to work for the Ordo Xenos, but the group still insisted on calling him sergeant. The role of militant organiser had fit him well, but coming to Terra just weeks ago was his first real test. It had been a sudden refocusing of efforts the like of which he hadn’t seen. The interrogations had been consuming, and most leads had been burned to a cinder by the sheer intensity of various Ordos struggling for foothold in the research.

Some of the lesser known Ordos had been involved since the start. Nothing was as usual on this case. Effried had never been interested in the power play of inquisitors, but this time it was hard not to miss it. Even securing a temporary office space had taken them days, working from a guarded corner table of a pilgrym tavern in the meantime.

The hordes continued walking by each hour of each day. The section of the anomaly had been shut down, but there was another cathedral to divert the crowds to. He had stopped noticing individuals anymore. The pilgrims had become as a river to him, something to navigate in the vast halls to get his own sacred business done. The whole absurdity of it all had him thinking if the task given by inquisitor [REDACTED] was all that important after all, or where they all just participating in this empty charade in their own way.

But after learning about Lazaros and the infant, all such doubts had vanished.
Sergeant Effried Halkand, Inquisitorial servant, recruited to the Astra Militarum from the Numgaani warrior clans, was now more assured than ever he was doing the Emperor’s work. And he would be leaving Holy Terra tonight.

He signalled to Kolex and Kolix, (a tracker and a gunner) using their own primitive and silent sign language, to set charges. There was no time to clear the temporary workspace. The throne world would have to suffer one more explosion before their departure.


So as you can see I bought BloodBowl, and together with my girlfriend we’re making our teams 40k. It’s actually great fun to do something more tonque-in-cheek and not inquisitorial!

16 thoughts on “Sergeant Effried Halkand

    1. Oh I realise now I didn’t photograph it very well, better shots of it when the whole group is finished. Found a really great approach to black!


  1. Lovely stuff – pity they will all die within the Morris realm – but never mind – how big will your warband be ?


    1. Thistle – Morris Realm….I love the image of a void station full of Morris Dancers.

      Toni – Great story. The models look great too.

      Looking forward to Jan. Hope to finish modelling my third and final character this evening.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Ha, we’ll see about that.
      I was going to make a warband of five, although the tracker and gunner really work as one.
      But some kind of christmas surprise is still in order!


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