Green New Year :: The Thorn Moon Crusade :: Enter the Architects


Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every new year find you a better man.

– Franklin of Terra


Of bodies changed to other forms I tell;
You Gods, who have yourselves wrought every change,
Inspire my enterprise and dead my lay
In one continuous song from nature’s first
Remote beginnings to our modern times.

(Ancient Terran poet, Metamorphoses, appr. 800.M1)



Happy New Year. 2016 all wrapped up and what an adventure it was. We’ve always firmly believed that when you do something neat – like the pilgrym – get over it and do something cooler.

FPOA’s Green Mechanicvm stuck such a chord in us. We’d all been immensely inspired by John’s Voodoo Forest work and the beautiful small grimoire Tim turned it into, and Stefan took all of that to a new, fresh, deep, gothic depths of Iron wrought fauna and Bio Pilgrymage.

As the Sigillites and the Custodian Guard descended to the Day-light Chapel in the aftermath of the Pilgrym Events, clear and present portent of a sinister new threat was uncovered.


Saga of the Golden Captain – Fenrys Answers!

The gleaming dart of an ancient ship building marvel shot through the blackness of free space. It had sped through the heaviest, smartest, most formidable defensive network ever built by man, using clearance codes and lanes crafted in complete secret at its creation. Everything about this small vessel, and it’s route was remarkable. Yet for its captain and the likes of him, it was duty and routine. 

“My Lord, ready to enter the immaterium” announced the silky voice of an exquisite servitor, made of gleaming chrome, polished silver, and a soulless man. 

+ Do it +

Another servitor, this one bronze and copper-alloy, but just as polished and soulless, one of four unnervingly identical ones swiftly and smoothly adjusted his instruments. A quick tremor run through the Guardian, a Mercury class void speeder, one of the smallest and fastest void capable vessels ever built. It was built to carry orders and a dozen very special bearers of them. 

The Guardian’s arrival was just as prepared, engineered and clandestine as its departure. Where exiting Terra was darting out a hive of rusted haze, incredible maze of activity, entering Fenrys was an orderly zigzag through orbital defenses, which for this vessel only forgo the layered security protocols, but still traced it with enough firepower to destroy worlds. 

Logan Grimnar, Jarl of Fenrys, giant of death and destruction stood like a mountain in full Terminator Plate to meet his visitors. The Great Wolf stared down the golden group with his meteor black eyes, sank deep in a face tempered in war, a craggy  mask of grey, more like stone than the soft skin of yours or mine. Grimnar bid them welcome in a thunderous grunt, barely recognizable as gothic, yet instantly clear in intention. “Welcome. How Can I help”

Five of the Dozen were Astartes.  Polar opposite of a pack of Sky Warriors: Grey, blur, formidable, singular whole and hunter sentinent.  These Golden Astartes, they were no pack but Noble, immovable, perfect, golden statues of war. One stepped forward, bowed and removed his plumed helm in one swift motion. 

“Lord Grimnar, Master of Fenris and the VI Legion, my name is Armenius Vinci, Custodian, Envoy of the Twelve and harbinger of compliance. I come carrying a degree and an ambassador of the High Lords” 


The Architects

So, to kick start this organic mayhem, celebration of the Games Workshop hobby and the magic worlds John and Stefan have hinted at, Mikko, Toni, Kari and I are working on four unique “Old Ones” of the Crataegus Fragmentum starting today and have given ourselves a month to finish them and their respective stories. We are hoping to pester Master FPOA in to joining the fun.

Full plan for the Thorn Moons campaign will evolve in the coming months, but high level we hope to bring Pilgrym approach to Warhammer 40000 scale of projects.



PS. First of the Ten Thousand, Scipio Spathan, Cusrtodian, is finished.



15 thoughts on “Green New Year :: The Thorn Moon Crusade :: Enter the Architects

  1. I have just started an inferno based wood of suicides featuring the fabled lost thorn barons – voodoo forest my 2 has begun – at some stage it would be cool to rub shoulders with this project – beware the thorns for the green man come th …….

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  2. That all sounds most excellent! I am really excited to see how it progresses, and how the Green Mechanicvm evolves. Is the thought that each of you are going to create a character from the Mechanicvm’s ruling elite? And then have your Space Wolves and Custodes travel their to raise planet and burn the heretics?

    Also, the Custodes look really nice. Looking at your pictures, I am amazed at how well scaled they are. They are proportioned well, and they are actually large. So large that they actually stand a head over even many of those truescale marines you built. GW really did a great job with them!

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  3. Fantastic focus for a new project. The Green Mechanicvm were a brilliant idea and open up a new space to explore and develop in the grim future. 🙂

    I look forward to seeing how this develops and hope to try my hand at building some aspects of the Green Mechanicvm!

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  4. The Huatthe Kyngge rose from his thorny seat.

    He stood like a towering giant above his personal Green Court assembled around the immense moss covered table before him. A faint scent of old flowers emanated from the crevasses of his armour. Sverre Arrheniusse had yet to return from his Bio Pilgrymmage and The Elder One looked at the remaining Green Court of Genetor Mechanicvm, Satyrian Guards, Thorne Hags and Myste Weavers with anticipation. His face was barked and his bare hands were covered in lichen. He addressed the court with a deep and hollow voice.

    “The Deck of Thornes has spoken.”

    His voice rose together with the Silva Chorus, whose melancholic sounds ebbed and flowed through the canopy high above the table.

    “Call for the Elder Ones to assemble…Wynter is coming!”

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