Invitational Phase I

Dear all,

We are utterly humbled by your invitational entries. The human regiments being deployed on the Thorn Moons campaign are both numerous and illustrious. The scope of imagination, care, and originality has just blown us away.

So please give us some time to process the ONE HUNDRED regiments involved.
The window to join has now closed at the phenomenal number of entries, and those who made it in time will have heard from us. This is looking to be the most epic two months we’ve ever seen.



Thank you all.


11 thoughts on “Invitational Phase I

  1. Congrats on not only growing the Invitation but also on inspiring so many people.

    I’m honoured to be involved in such a grand endeavour. Cannot wait to see what everyone else has conjured up.

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    1. Aren’t we all! Can’t wait for the weekend and sorting out five hundred miniatures to share with everyone. We are thinking of categorising them based on theme, and then going to have a week for each theme until Phase II deadline. But it will need some time to look at everything and figure out whether this is a solid plan.

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