+ Sons of Sanguinius +



The voice whispered, without speaking, without language. 

“Father” “Help us”

There were secrets here. Untold means, unimaginable ends. Things you would not expect to see or dare imagine. Not in one of these revered vessels. The Deathspear was a spectacular ship, an Astartes Cruiser, and a shining sample of the artistry of the IX Legion. It was also the personal ship of their Chief Librarian, Lord of Death, Mephiston. 

The Deathspear’s prow was a jagged maw of lance weaponry. Behind these primary weapon bays, resided its massive void shield generators. Technologies that could shield the ship from weapons capable of splitting planets. And deep in the generator’s complex core something more dangerous was hidden. One of its secrets.

From the outside, it was a perfect sphere, a mere room sized orb suspended from the generators by intricate mechanisms, cables, chains and a small walkway. Seemingly and strikingly these details appeared to form a hexagram from all angles of observation. The surface area of the sphere not penetrated by a tube, a pipe or a beam was littered in purity seals. Ancient parchments bonded with heavy red wax like substance. The parchments were filled with symbols and words, most rendered illegible by the millennia that they had endured here. 

Warp speed had an acoustic signature, tell tale tremors and frequencies that travelled through the ships structures and design. The done shook to a different tune. Like an actuator of sots, it reverberated with a clear, perceivable rhythm. Almost as if it was an instrument of sorts. 

On the inside was an impossibly precise room of exact square proportions. Where the outside was ancient, forgotten, oxidized brass, punctured by its supporting structured, and covered in the worn seals, the inside was magnificent. Six faces of pristine marble as if one giant block was hollowed out to create the space. Hexagrammic wards had been machined into the stone and inlaid with silver.  Vials of blood where turned into corresponding details. Nine on each of the six faces. 

A body as perfect as the room laid on the “floor”. Sculptural and in a crimson bodyglove, with long, flowing white hair. The limp giant looked like a discarded costume. 

Mephiston was gone. Thousands of years and light years away. 

Looking for his father. 


Deon, Assault Captain of the third stood on the deck in full plate, bathed in the green light of the data streams and magnifying layers projected on the viewport. There at last. In his sights, the giant they had been hunting for too long. 

Where the warriors of the IX Legion wore armor the color of arterial blood and metal, Deon’s articifier armor was bright gold. A heavy sea green cloak of reptilian hide hung from his shoulders and his death mask was inlaid with red jewels fashion into blood drops. Many of the most beautiful works of art in the imperium, indeed human history, were created by the Blood Angels. 

“Report your readings in full and send message we found it” The assault captains voice was devoid of emotion, full of authority and composure. As the officers of the deck followed his commands and the augurs started sharing stream of information, Deon’s mind was racing.

He had 50 Blood Angels with him. His best warriors of the 3rd, several scouts squads of the 10th, half a dozen Dreadnoughts and the Death Company. 700 hundred of the Homeless. Cadian Internal Guard. Rapidly diminishing final few million who got away before Cadia burned. 

And the Chief Librarian. Alpha Psyker. One of the most formidable, and elusive, minds in the galaxy. If he could find him. The Captain could feel his blood beginning to boil. The pain, and honor, of guarding the Chief Librarian as he waged his secret wars. Deon quickly let go of these frustrations.

If these early readings were correct, the giant cluster of space matter was the biggest Hulk on imperial record. Radiation storms, abnormal heat signatures, gravity offsets, it was a mess according to the sensorium capture. How something like this could have hid for so long defied logic.

What was more familiar was the tell tale signs of corruption and decay. Carrion ships trailed it and travelled across it gravity. Corsairs and worse. 

How would he take the planet sized behemoth?

“Sir, sir, I think it is hailing us” the communication officer, a blood thrall trained from birth to serve the IX legion ships stammered. Deon tensed before the the officer had finished “sir”. Hyper alert, instantly enhanced with chemistry far more potent than the strongest adrenaline rush, with a lingering echo of savagery wrought into his dna. 

We are too far to be seen, cloaked from any auspex scans, invisible, out of reach. 

“Battle stations, shields up, send distress signal Gamma-00-Encarmine” 

Ice flooded Deon’s veins.

It’s the Primogenitor.



I hope all of you are healthy and safe. Isolated inside here as Space Ship Earth struggles through the horrible Covid-19 pandemic.

I’ve just finished my army for Adepticon. (Which is cancelled due to the pandemic) The past three months have been some of the most productive and enjoyable hobbying of my life. Not absent of the bleak moments of despair and disbelief that I am so intensely building and painting plastic miniatures. But overwhelmingly connecting with all the aspect I love about this hobby the most and y approach to it.

Here are the results. 2000pts of IX Legion to my Blood Baroque vision.

Let me know what you think if you are out here in the real inter webs still. (vs the fasfood of instagram)




36 thoughts on “+ Sons of Sanguinius +

  1. Hi mate, great intro… love it. I must admit I was not the biggest fan of the choice for metallic red, too Thousands Sons for my taste… but Lord, you nailed it (again). I am particularly fond of your scouts (paint scheme, modelling etc..). Thanks for the inspiration! Cheers, Luc

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    1. I remember and am so happy to hear they’ve made space in your taste ☺️ really appreciate you sharing this and stopping by the blog. ☺️


  2. Splendid! Dante with a Stormcast, you amaze me… 🙂 Special mention to the Death Company and its chaplain. You also did an excellent job on all the armor. Stay safe Migs.

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  3. This force is such a testament to Blood Angels. It has all the right elements incorporated: eye-catching red armoured angels, dark and bloody fallen ones, classic characters realized into modern miniature art.

    Everything has a feeling of freshness and something evolved and new, instead of age old colours chemes and meaningless symbols. The essay on IX in 42nd millennia and their link to the Primogenitor was a total treat and a cherry on the top.

    I’m really keen to see what additions and honing you will do after getting them on the field. Would also love to see some blood-crazed serfs and other associates, maybe using the new Ministorum rules!

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  4. Still here on the real internet…beautiful army and a great back-story. Makes me want to get out my 1990s Blood Angel project…. h’mm. Stay safe and I look forward to seeing these take on the Primogenitor when the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

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  5. I don’t know what to say. This is Peak Blood Angels. Everything that anyone ever does with the IXth will be compared to this. You’ve truly broken new ground, IMHO. Hope GW will showcase your work, if you let them.

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    1. Thank you!! Truly appreciate the praise. It’s partly true. Something new here did get established and will be lovely to see what it may inspire in others.


  6. Amazing stuff (as is to be expected), and great to see such an army finshed! My fave is the knife-throwing scout, one of the little details which are everything.

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  7. Really inspiring work, and a big part of that was watching the enthusiasm and the motivation you had, that this would not only be your unique vision of the blood angels but also actually be a finished army you can play with!

    I usually take forever truescaling and kitbashing individual models for kill team, but this has gotten me interested in 40k and what kind of space wolves army I could get finished. The scale of primaris usually bothers me and I take ages beefing them up, but yours look transhuman and imposing from the paint jobs alone.

    How did you go about choosing your army list?

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    1. Thank you. I like armies that are very active in all phases of the game, not just say sit and shoot. I had a pretty good idea for this army for what I like visually and what will work in the game. I did somehow completely miss Sanguinary guard are 2 wounds so those will definitely be added as I love how I imagine building them from Custodes will look like.


  8. Hi there,
    what ist instagram??? sounds heretically to me 🙂
    Great army, awesome overall look. Wasn´t sure if metallic red looks good on to many models, but its just super cool.
    I like the Stormcast Dante, great conversion.
    Those small cherubim are a great little details. Would love to see more of them as they could be used as
    objective markers in-game.

    Are you using your primaris marines as primaris marines or do they count as normal marines?
    Same question goes for the other models as well.

    Eager to see your custodes conversions!

    The emperor protects

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    1. Thank you! I’m using the Primaris as Intercessors, but death watch and scouts rules for those units, even when built with Primaris parts. 💀


  9. This is Amazing! Been following the progress on Instagram from the first colourful spoon. I think that the cherubs add Alot of contrast to the army and I really like the bulk from the Dreadnoughts.
    Have you thought about adding something to it?

    /Gustav hobby_painter


  10. Stunning army and right when I started to build my own Blood Angels^^
    May I ask what colours did you use for the metallic red as well as the black?

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    1. Thank you 😊 It’s pretty simple, I left out a bunch of the armor plates, and cut to shape a sarcophagus from a normal Dreadnought to where the cage thing would be. A few cables in there to make it look like it belongs.


  11. Dude! These are amazing! How did you actually paint them? Would love a tutorial. Amazing conversion on Dante and Lemartes! What model did you use for Dante?

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  12. Just wanted to say I’m blown away, from the use of Reivers as scouts and just the level of kit bashing and conversions, even the paint work is stunning. I did want to say that I am in the process of taking the idea of using Reivers as scouts for my Black Templars Crusader squads. The whole army looks fantastic, keep up the great work!

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  13. The look and feel of this army is wonderful… I’ve peered at the red armour many times to absorb its secrets. The army inspired me to get back into the hobby after a long time away and I’m now working on my own blue coloured marine chapter very heavily inspired by this aesthetic! Cheers!


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