+ The Blood Angels +


‘I have seen what you must see. I have fought what you must fight. I have slain what you must slay’

– Dante, Chapter Master, Blood Angels Chapter of the Adpetus Astartes


“Born as the IXth Legion, the early records of the Legion show a noted absence in many of the key conquests of the Unification Wars. Instead, the Legion acted as the Emperor’s inferno, ravaging and annihilating any foe they were unleashed upon.

Few in number, they often served as vanguards, waging battles in small and audacious raids focusing on murderous close-combat. The IX were often deployed to the most dangerous warzones against the most twisted of foes, holding the line alone and out of the spotlight. Dark rumors followed the blood thirsty Legion, which soon earned the title of the “Eaters of the Dead”.

The Great Crusade saw the Legion deployed in worst war zones of the campaign, where a legend of unyielding resourcefulness formed. Again and again the IXth was cast into a hellish warzone only to emerge as they had before. This led to Malcador the Sigillite dubbing them the “Revenant Legion”. They became spectres that haunted the wild places of the Great Crusade, the terrors loosed by the Emperor to clear his path across the stars. Each campaign was undertaken with a quiet, brooding hunger for blood and death that was as terrifying as it was effective. Shunned and isolated from the wider Imperium, they began to descend into charnel cults and bloody rituals. 

With the arrival of their Primogenitor, Sanguinius, the newly named Blood Angels legion a new trajectory formed. Upon taking command of the Legion, Sanguinius gathered his troops and while standing alongside the famed Primarch Horus bent the knee to them, offering them his total loyalty and service without reservation. To the shunned and isolated IXth, this treatment was new and unexpected. Sanguinius soon earned his Legions trust and hearts in the fields of battle. The Primarch of the IX saw the true nature of his warriors and the necessary path to nobility and valor.

Thus were the IX legion molded and honed into the formidable chapters they are today. Part angel, part demon. Both the shining light of the Emperor’s vision, and the darkness of the Imperium left behind.” 



For years a lingering mist of red has stubbornly pulled me towards the IX. Combination of that nostalgic decease, artistic visions of metal and blood, more dark baroque than grim gothic and the canvas of the Primaris kits.

And into that dense desire to build a new force for The Primogenitor, the gorgeous new Lord of Death model was released. The rules were revamped and drastically improved. And 2019 ended up with an explosion of red.

It’s perhaps fitting that the Blood Angels lore speaks of Sanguinius as The Primogenitor repeatedly. Perhaps in naming the giant Space Hulk things were already set in motion.

To start, I decided to be unusually disciplined and hit the core of the army first, two HQ and three squads of Intercessors, then drastically open it up and just do what ever cool idea for Cherubi floating, Dark Baroque tru and true, relic of Baal engine of destruction emerges. (currently working on this)

Instagram, Here’s the recipe for the red you’ve asked a hundred times for.

  • prime with Chaos Black, top down only with the new White grey primer ( this light top, dark shadow is generally known as zenithal highlight, and most steps below follow the same formula)
  • base coat Tamiya gunmetal & Chrome (with an airbrush, zenithal)
  • three to four thin layers of Tamiya Clear Red, thinned 50/50 (airbrush)
  • thin glaze of Flesh Tearer and Blood angel contrast (with an airbrush, zenithal)
  • think coat of Pledge floor wash
  • metal chipping with Scale 75 regular silver (brush)
  • panel-lining with black brown custom mix. Make sure you mix up something that dries satin/glossy. Easiest is to add the floor wash to that effect (brush)


Here are some of the first Angels of Death in high resolution:



And a collection of WIP pictures, showcasing the small, but all important touches. Rebuild bolt-rifle barrels, foil purity seals and figuring out the special sauce for the paint work.


Finally – if you made it this far -THANK YOU! I want to present a collection of art work that immensely inspired me for this project. The New Sisters of Battle will feature heavily in parts and ideas I’m borrowing from the range.



15 thoughts on “+ The Blood Angels +

  1. Nothing much to say other than, absolutely gorgeous! The candy-coat red gives them such a richness that really suits the Blood Angels. And oddly I think it lends them some “weight”, with that touch of realism. Like they are wearing heavy lacquered plate armour.

    I had been recently thinking about approaching a dark green candy-coat with thoughts of resurrecting my old love of the Dark Angels. I think I was on the right path, because this does really echo what I was seeing in my minds eye.

    Awesome work, can’t wait to see more 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Such a rich and vibrant red palette. Love the lacquered feel of these too! Thanks for sharing the rundown.

    Seeing how you played with scale and atmosphere in both the Vlka Fenryka and XX I cant wait to see what kind of blood mad creatures and Imperial half humans you come up with for this red gem.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks my friend. Definitely happening. In Blood of Baal they talk about the Blood Angels arming the nomad tribes of Baal to fight the Tyranids.


  3. Many thanks for the recipe! These models look great, you really nailed it with these guys! If you wouldn’t mind sharing a little, what exactly is you “panel-lining with black-brown custom mix. ” ?


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