The Madman’s Covenant – Invitational

I’ve been pretty tied up with the work related stuff, so sorry for taking so long before revealing today’s Invitational. I bet it the wait was worth it, as this time the spotlight hits Leadbelly‘s witty character surfing the skies with a living disc!

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Invitational, Red Corsairs

Red Corsairs – Invitational

Ever since I made the first Red Corsair – Ragal Gair, Champion of the Fleet – back in 2013 I’ve been wondering how cool it would be if that single character would some day be accompanied by a handful of blood thirsty Corsair brothers in a scale of a small army. During the end of 2014 I started to fulfill […]

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Terra Imperatvs – Invitational

Ever since I found the 2nd. Edition WH 40k rulebooks and learned about the Emperor of Man I have been most fascinated about the early history of Terra. Thunder Warriors that fought in the unification wars have always been shrouded in mystery and there’s very little information about them available. When we came up with […]

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